Thank you for visiting our website and showing an interest in our work. We build custom guitars, service 
and repair all stringed instruments. Our workshop is based in Beckenham, Perth, Western Australia. We have been working with guitars for over a decade now and have 
had the pleasure of working alongside other highly regarded guitar builders in the state of Western 
Our passion, occupation (literally), and life, is guitars. We believe there is an instrument that helps each individual 
player express the music that is in their head freely, and can help them express their inspirations as 
well as their personal and unique voice of expression. The right instrument and the right setup make all the difference.
What our guitars have that is essential to inspire any great musician, is, Soul. This is achieved by the attention,
the ability to look to the history of musical instruments as well as to the future, adopt innovative and practical methods in building and
setups and not overdoing it.  Some guitars sound great, some look great, some are perfect in every way, but that doesn’t mean that they
will compliment your musical voice. 
You may notice that highly glossed, laminated neck, book-matched exotic carve top instrument
that uses 100 pieces of rare shell and stone - along with 10 different pickup configurations - may be a great instrument and great
for your collection... But many experienced and great musicians find that the simple guitar with a raw finish and is made from as little as 2 pieces
of wood is what gets them in their zone. Not to mention it's hard to let loose when you are concerned about scratching an expensive
instrument or it has so many additional features for something to go wrong with. Not a problem that you want happening in the middle of a concert.
Let's not forget the concept of Hot Rodding. A cheaper guitar (not too cheap) may be the right instrument for you.
With the right setup and maybe some simple and affordable modifications, or hardware/electronic upgrades you could have an instrument that
makes you play better than ever and sound fantastic, for a lot less money than you would've thought.