"T" Series *Starting at $1495* Straight forward players workhorse, with handwound Copley pickups.
"S" Series *Starting at $1595* Classic contoured body with extremely versatile Copley 62' pickup combination.
"SS" Series *Starting at $1795* Sleak design, Swamp ash or Mahogany body, 22frets, Schaller Non-Trem, Ebony fretboard, 10"-16" Compound fretboard radius. Copley Humbuckers w/coil splitting.
"SSS" Series *Starting at $1895* Ultra-access cutaway, 24 frets, Copley Humbuckers w/coil splitting.

Optional Extras:
    All guitars are hand-made so if there is something you want, just ask for a quote.
Ordering: 2-8 weeks build time for Standard Series.
50% Payment deposit. 50% upon Completion.
Warranty: 12 months